Sometimes God blesses us with second chances and these two are some of the most deserving people I know. Though life has been challenging for Cheryl in so many ways, she exudes a joy that could only be from God. Cheryl has been one of my dearest friends for the last 6 years and when she shared with me that she had found love again, I could not help but cry tears of joy for her. She has a beautiful family with three kids in their twenties with her youngest being only 12. When her youngest was 2, the love of her life and first husband passed away unexpectedly. The possibility of remarriage just never seemed like something that would happen for Cheryl, she certainly didn't go looking for love, God just placed a wonderful man in her life. Together, with their children, Cheryl and Dan were married on a beautiful summer day, with the blessings of Christ and those who know and love them. They plan to continue living a full life for Jesus, each other and their kids and grandkids. I wish them many blessings and I am so grateful that God has gifted both of them someone to grow old with.