Kimberly and Michael both have a servants heart and love for Christ that is evident to all that meet them. I first met Kimberly at the Christian book store when I was getting new bibles with my boys and noticed a sparkling diamond on the ring of the sweet cashier. I normally don't tell people that I'm a wedding photographer unless the opportunity presents itself, but I felt compelled to tell Kimberly and ask if she had a wedding photographer. She proceeded to tell me she didn't and that she was stressing because she and her fiance' were leaving for California in about a week to go back to college. We immediately connected and met a few days later and I was hired. We both felt that is was a God moment that we met and were so excited to work together for her wedding in just over 6 months. In discussion, we realized that Michael and his family were from the same hometown, in another state, as where my husband and I met when we were in high school! Crazy coincidence? When the wedding day arrived, it was very personalized and took place at Kimberly's home church, surrounded by their closest family and friends! Emotions were overflowing and it was such a beautiful and precious ceremony as these two committed to being husband and wife! After several hours of fun and festivities, Kimberly and Michael and my husband and I went to Mukilteo Lighthouse State Park to capture some beautiful moments of just the two of them, as husband and wife! Shortly after their marriage they moved across the country to work together serving the Lord. We are blessed to have shared a moment in time with these two incredible people and wish them a lifetime of love!